The Business Partner Platform

Web statistics

REGISonline publishes figures on access to the portal on a regular basis, broken down into visits and page requests.


In the year 2020 there was an average of 21,471 hits and 4,897 visits per month.


A precise analysis of the (site access) hits shows that the company database is most in demand. Around 80 % of the hits relate to this section.

As regards the visitor's country of origin, it can be seen that the overwhelming majority come from Germany (just under 90 %). Around 50 % of the hits originate from Niedersachsen and Bremen, and a further 40 % come from the rest of Germany. Outside Germany, Europe and North America lie in front with 4 %.

Considering the time of day when the site is accessed, which mostly lies between 8 am and 6 pm, it can be ascertained that the portal is predominantly visited by companies and institutions. This means that the target group aimed at by REGISonline is being reached.