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District of Grafschaft Bentheim – business development

NINO-Allee 11
48529 Nordhorn
+49 (0)5921 96-2300
+49 (0)5921 96-2399

The business development department of the district of Grafschaft Bentheim is responsible in all matters and phases of company development. We inform about and assist with financial aid programmes for business start-ups and company expansion as well as transfer of technology, company succeeding and promotion of innovation/ R&D

Mr. Hilmes, Ralf
+49 (0)5921 96-2301
Director of the department of business development, strategic development planning, portfolio management, location marketing
Mr. Männel, Udo
+49 (0)5921 96-2304
Supporting the region named “Niedergrafschaft”, business enterprise office, supporting and assistance of approval process, financial aid programmes
Mr. Kremer, Andreas
+49 (0)5921 96-2305
Supporting the region named “Obergrafschaft” and Nordhorn, financial aid programmes, business start-ups, TOPstart business start-up network
Ms. Schubert, Carolin
+49 (0)5921 96-2312
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