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District of Verden – department of business development

Lindhooper Str. 67
27283 Verden (Aller)
27281 Verden (Aller)
+49 (0)4231 15-480
+49 (0)4231 15-603

The district of Verden is a region with widely diversified businesses and economy. Most important branches are the food industry - in Verden especially food for small animals, logistics services and engineering. Furthermore there are niche branches, especially in the field of surface engineering as well as everything related to horses and cattle breeding.

With its department of business development the district of Verden offers services in terms of location advertising, counselling of business start-ups, project development and consulting, promotion of technology and innovation as well as counselling and assisting application proceedings. Moreover we provide information about our locations and Europe, regional statistical data and we maintain the company information system, assist company settling as well as informing about financial aid programmes.

In addition the district offers support for women who want to re-entry the job-market or want to promote innovation through its Coordination centre for women and business. The coordination centre provides help with part-time work for parents, job re-entry and business start-ups for women. It is also available to women who are looking for a job and therefore offers orientation talks, counselling and information as well as qualification programmes and placing trained women into new employment. We are initiating and organising continuing education programmes, qualification programmes that are related to the situation at the job market and sectoral events.

Another field of the business development department is tourism and related task to develop the tourist infrastructure.

Ms. Maren Wülpern
+49 (0)4231 15-491
Business development
Ms. Ute Schwetje-Arndt
+49 (0)4231 15-667
European financial aid programmes, employment
Ms. Ulrike Helberg-Manke
+49 (0)4231 15-473
Coordination centre for women and business in the municipality of Verden – Director