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Wesermarsch Economic Development Company

Max-Planck-Straße 4
26919 Brake
+49 (0)4401 996900
+49 (0)4401 996920

To shape Wesermarsch into an attractive and competitive business location and further consolidate the district as an appealing economic region is the prime objective of the Economic Development Company (EDC) Wirtschaftsförderung Wesermarsch GmbH. The business promotion agency is the competent partner to contact for companies already resident in the District of Wesermarsch or interested in settling there.

We give ongoing help and support to business ventures from their planning phase to their realisation by providing extensive advice, by acting as an intermediary to find suitable business sites and premises, and by initiating the necessary contacts to government offices, local authorities, public institutions, banks and other cooperation partners. We participate in conceptual and strategic project development for local and inter-municipal undertakings and enterprises. By implementing targeted measures, we commit ourselves to promoting our key regional sectors (maritime, industry, wind) and bring about personal exchanges between the companies by arranging cross-industry dialogue.

The EDC offers the business and industrial community services in the following areas: public-sector financing aid/EU funding programmes, business start-up consulting, location development, technology/innovation consulting, skilled human resources development: school-career transition, head office of the Wesermarsch tourism association.

Mr. Ralph Obalski
+49 (0)4401 996915
Care of existing enterprises, investor support, real estate offers in collaboration with the municipal authorities, event management, advice on financing assistance
Ms. Carolin Lange-Dwillies
+49 (0)4401 996905
Financial aid programmes, start-up consulting, REGISonline, KomSIS
Mr. Johann Gelder
+49 (0)4401 996907
European office, European financial aid programmes, development of concepts
Ms. Ingrid Marten
+49 (0)4401 996908
Technology and innovation consulting, concept development, press relations, marketing