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On this cluster portal, you will find information on the state of Bremen and it's innovation clusters of wind energy, maritime economy, and air and space travel.

ikn 2020 – Digital Niedersachsen


The state-level government initiative aims to open up the potential for growth and innovation in information and communication technology. The regional cluster managers carry out the technical work in the ikn 2020 regional centres and network the regional ICT industry.

IUK Unternehmensnetzwerk Osnabrück e.V.


The registered non-profit association IUK Unternehmensnetzwerk Osnabrück e.V. is the mouthpiece of the IT and telecommunications sector in the economic region of Osnabrück. The portfolio of activities carried out by the network focuses on public and press relations, location marketing and numerous services tailored to its member enterprises from the digital world of the region.

Niedersachsen Broadband Competence Centre


The centre is the operative instrument of the Niedersachsen Broadband initiative (“ Breitbandinitiative Niedersachsen”), run by the state's ministries and local government federations and by the administrative district of Osterholz. The competence centre provides information on events, lectures and workshops and supports the regions in the analysis, further technological development and market-based provision of broadband Internet networks.