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Ecology innovations on film - 50 DBU projects on new DVD

July 2, 2010

How resources can be conserved and energy used more efficiently is being shown in five new films from the German Environment Foundation.
In the film contributions presented, small and medium-sized enterprises sponsored and funded by the German Federal Environment Foundation (DBU) reveal, for example, how surfaces can be cleaned in an environmentally compatible way using only the light from a laser, how the first eco-friendly, 100%-water-soluble washing powder is produced, or how windows and doors made from domestically grown wood can be made as durable and stable as if they were made from tropical wood thanks to a special modification process. These and over 40 other films about exemplary DBU funding projects in the fields of environmental technology, environmental research, nature conservation and environmental education can now be viewed on the new DBU video channel on YouTube at and are also available on a DVD free of charge obtainable from


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