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Jam from Eystrup is Niedersachsen's "Culinary Ambassador"

May 17, 2010

The marketing company of the Niedersachsen agriculture and food industry has awarded 32 typical foods the title "Culinary Ambassador of Niedersachsen 2010" a few days ago.

A statewide competition, held this year for the first time, was entered by 108 companies in Niedersachsen presenting almost 200 products, including the Eystrup company Göbber GmbH & Co. KG with its fruit spread "100 FRUCHT Erdbeere" ("100 FRUIT Strawberry") – and its entry was successful!

The contest winners were chosen by the jury of experts in several categories in an elaborate selection procedure based on various criteria. The winners are products of outstanding quality that not only taste truly delicious but also demonstrate a convincing product idea, have a first-class production process behind them, and represent a piece of Niedersachsen product and company history.

It is the uniquely high fruit content that makes the Göbber 100 FRUIT Strawberry from Eystrup a genuine innovation on the jam market. The company, which has been resident in the District of Nienburg/Weser for 120 years now and exports throughout the EU, relies on the use of quality-controlled raw materials and a gentle product processing method that preserves the fruit aromas. The imaginative further development of traditional products and a maximum of fruity freshness are a message from Niedersachsen for the whole of Europe.

The list of the 32 typical food and drink products can be found at

More information about Göbber can be found in the company's profile from the RegIS company database at


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