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Search and find: new services at “Innovative Niedersachsen”

July 11, 2012

The Internet site of the state organisation “Innovative Niedersachsen” is showcasing for the first time over 1,000 vacant business sites and presenting a new database of export-oriented companies.

The “Niedersachsen Innovation Centre” (IZ) assists companies with settlement plans in Niedersachsen. Experts provide extensive and free advice along with ongoing support throughout the entire settlement process. On the IZ homepage, those looking for a business location can obtain an initial overview of vacant industrial and commercial sites and compare the different offers with the help of a new “interactive map search” facility. The site profiles, more than 1,000 in number, are fed to the IZ website directly from “”, the central business location portal of the state's municipalities – an example of efficient Internet marketing in Niedersachsen that also increases the ability of investors to effectively find the regional site offers available.

Also launched is a new database with several hundred export-oriented companies from Niedersachsen. It displays high-performing, internationally oriented firms complete with detailed information about their focus of production and services they provide, their special areas of expertise and the technologies they deploy. Inquiries about possible cooperations can be specifically directed to an appropriate contact. The company database is made available in collaboration with regional databases maintained by economic development companies and business promotion agencies such as “”. This cooperation has big advantages for the export-oriented companies: they only have to keep their entries up-to-date at one place and their details are then automatically passed on to and mirrored in the IZ web presentation as well. The duplication of effort and the nuisance of outdated information spread across different Internet presentations is therefore a thing of the past.

The new services offered by the IZ and access to the free online registration for the company database can be found here:


Oliver Schrader, Innovationszentrum Niedersachsen Strategie und Ansiedlung GmbH