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Information on data privacy

Our web portal basically does not contain any personal data (but only public data concerning companies, industrial sites and properties, location profiles and business development institutions), that could be available to others. However, it does announce names of contact persons in organisations and therefore does display personal data on a limited scale. With this privacy declaration we want to indicate to you that we are, at all times, aware of the need for data privacy. Hence protection of data privacy is an important aspect of our work. We try to consider all requirements for economic data utilisation best possible, even though this is very difficult in establishing and maintaining an online service provider. An explanation of data procession applied in this data base is given below. Thereby we distinguish between the company data base and therein registered enterprises, further information sections of RegIS-Online as well as aspects of data privacy for users of the web portal.


1. ... for the company database

Responsible authorities

Under data privacy laws the business development institutions in all districts and self-governing cities of the northwest region are responsible for the company database, i.e. they are legally responsible for the correctness of data and how it is processed. If you have access to online maintenance features for your own profile you will be able to get exact contact details of the authority responsible for you.

Processing orders

Being a technical IT service company and authorised by all responsible institutions, the regio gmbh in Oldenburg administrates all main EDP services and ensures technical and organisational security arrangements.

Utilisation of the online updating system

In order to use the online updating system of the company database your access data (email address and password, optionally supplemented with contact information) will be recorded. When you log on to the database with your access data, this information will be coded (SSL), ensuring it will not be accessed by unauthorised third parties.


2. ... for further REGISonline sections

Responsible authority

Under data privacy laws regio gmbh in Oldenburg is responsible for all sections of the web portal, except for the company data base, i.e. the company is legally responsible for the correctness of data and how it is processed. Furthermore regio gmbh ensures all technical and organisational security arrangements.


3. ... for users of the web portal

Processing utilisation data

While accessing REGISonline a data set is recorded using the open source webanalytics platform PIWIK, containing the following information:

  • the page from which a file was requested;
  • name of the file;
  • date and time of the day, the enquiry was made;
  • volume of the data transferred;
  • access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.);
  • a description of the type of web browser used,
  • IP address.

All computer addresses of enquiring users are made anonymous immediately. Thus it is impossible to generate personal user profiles. The data set, as per description above, will be only evaluated for statistical reasons, to get an overview about the frequency of access. This anonymous analysis does help to improve and customise the web portal for all users.


4. General information


Cookies are small files which companies for telecommunication services record on your computer for various reasons. The use of cookies is not mandatory in order to use our web portal. In case you allow cookies with your Internet browser we will only record data in this cookie that is used for processing the Internet. The data will not be evaluated otherwise.

User rights

In accordance with § 34 and § 35 of the German Data Protection Act all users (the law refers to users as the "party concerned") are entitled to request information about their recorded personal data and for what reason this data has been recorded, at any time. Beyond, you are allowed to asked for correction of any data that may be incorrect or have any data deleted whose recording is unacceptable or no longer necessary.

Contact in terms of data protection

If you have any questions concerning data privacy with REGISonline, please send an email to our contact point. There your question will either be answered directly or passed on to the responsible authority: