The Business Partner Platform


Since 1997 REGISonline is the only web portal for company information, business development and location marketing for the region between the rivers Ems and Weser that is free from advertising and yet free of charge.
Initiated by more than 20 administrative districts and self-governing cities in Niedersachsen and Bremen, REGISonline is the Business Partner Platform for the Northwest. The portal supports the companies in the region in their activities and helps establish more cooperations between local, national and also international business players.


One-time registration – widespread visibility

REGISonline is not an offer provided on one isolated platform: it makes the profiles automatically visible on other highly frequented web portals such as »«, »« or »«. Such a multiple presentation significantly improves the ranking in search engines.


Business development and location marketing

As well as facilitating the search for business partners, REGISonline also provides valuable information for companies looking for a new business location or thinking about expanding their operations or relocating their premises. Through the collaboration with the Niedersachsen business location portal, available business sites, vacant properties and the local conditions are presented and described. If any questions remain unanswered despite the extensive information provided, the details of competent contacts from business development agencies, chambers of industry and commerce or sector-related initiatives can also be found in the portal. The offer is rounded off by a portrayal of the research landscape in the Northwest with the presentation of its universities and research institutes, through which companies can find appropriate research partners for innovative products and processes.


The network and its history

REGISonline is based on a longstanding collaboration between the districts, towns and cities in the Northwest. As early as 1988 they came together in the form of the REGIS network to collect regional economic information and use it – at the time more for internal purposes – in economic development and regional planning. In 1997 this pool of information was placed on the Internet and complemented local activities in location marketing with a regional component in the form of the joint presentation REGISonline. The many years of ongoing collaboration within the network is a guarantee for today's high quality and wealth of data in REGISonline. Since 2007 the portal has also existed in an English version and thus promotes the international location marketing endeavours of the region. With an extensive relaunch of REGISonline in February 2014, the portal now presents itself in a completely reworked and modern appearance. The responsive design of the new Internet presence enables the website to be used on mobile devices as well and a new development of the company search facility complete with a map-based search function allows simple and focused access to what are meanwhile over 7000 company profiles.