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Bremen: Reducing the risk of liability for house banks with „BUK Plus“

July 30, 2007

Allocation of loans will be facilitated for small enterprises and craftsmen
Missing or insufficient collateral is a common handicap for small enterprises that need a bank loan. The Bremen Aufbau Bank GmbH now provides an adequate solution with its special loan for companies „BUK Plus“. It is an extended version of the Bremen company loan (BUK) which has been offered since 2005. „BUK Plus“ combines the advantages of a low priced loan financing and a concurrent risk reduction of liabilities for the house bank. The Bremen Aufbau Bank does not directly grant the loan to the investor but solely through its house bank.
Through the extension of the BUK about the release from liability - the so called „BUK Plus“ - the house banks get the chance to provide their business customers with an interest-subsidized loan combined with a risk reduction.
Generally the house bank bears the risk completely. Through „BUK Plus“ they will be released up to 80%.
The Bremen company loan can be used to finance investment projects of small and medium sized enterprises or production facilities for company growth. The Bremen Aufbau-Bank GmbH, subsidy bank of the Federal State of Bremen and subsidiary of the Bremen Investitions- Gesellschaft mbH (BIG), is using funds of the KfW-company loan for this instrument and additionally grants an interest relief of 0,25 percent per annum for projects in Bremen and 0,4 percent in Bremerhaven.

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