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"Cast off" - Metropolitan area Bremen-Oldenburg has been founded

November 22, 2006

Top representatives from politics, business and administration have been meeting in the International University of Bremen (IUB) to found the new association "Metropolitan region Bremen-Oldenburg in the northwest" (Metroploregion Bremen-Oldenburg im Nordwesten e.V.).

Mr. Christian Wulff, prime minister of Lower Saxony, and Mr. Jens Böhrnsen, mayor of Bremen, are pleased about the newly founded metropolitan area Bremen-Oldenburg that shows together both regions are ready for the future.

The official foundation of the association is already the second step on a promising way. In the first step both regions tried to find a way how to cooperate and merge with each other. Now, since the framework of cooperation is clear, it is time to create efficient structures. The new association will be working hard to reach this goal.

Besides the federal states of Bremen and Lower Saxony, all municipalities and free cities, the regional industry is one of the founding members and an equal partner in this association. Founding this metropolitan area opens up a great chance for all partners to deepen regional cooperation and to create new impulses through common projects.

Furthermore the major tasks of the association are advancement of economic compentence and competitiveness, enhancement of research and science as well as regional cooperation and marketing. Therefore the whole concept includes multiple pillars which are all equally characteristic: "Competency ashore, on the sea and in the air" is as typical as "Growth through foresight". If we could give up our typical North-German modesty we just have to call it "We are on top".

Founding members are:

Federal states:

  • The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (state)
  • Lower Saxony


  • Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (city)
  • City of Bremerhaven
  • City of Delmenhorst
  • City of Oldenburg
  • City of Wilhelmshaven
  • Municipality of Ammerland
  • Municipality of Cloppenburg
  • Municipality of Cuxhaven
  • Municipality of Diepholz
  • Municipality of Friesland
  • Municipality of Oldenburg
  • Municipality of Osterholz
  • Municipality of Vechta
  • Municipality of Verden
  • Municipality of Wesermarsch
Representatives of regional industry:
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry, to represent the regional economy
  • Chamber of Commerce Bremen
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bremerhaven
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Oldenburg
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Stade, to represent the Elbe-Weser region
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hannover

(Source: Regionale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bremen/Niedersachsen)



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