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Cross-industry tandems promote next-generation managers

February 10, 2009

Inter-industry Cross-Mentoring launches for the 6th time

18.03.2009 marks the start of the 6th inter-industry Cross-Mentoring programme from bremer arbeit gmbh. Executives and managers from practically all sectors of industry have once again agreed to place their knowledge and experience at the disposal of men and women who will make up the next generation of managers in a practically relevant manner.

After thorough "technical discussions" and initial meetings to "see if the chemistry is right", selected mentors active in leadership positions advise and support up-and-coming employees (mentees) who are destined to take up increasing responsibility in their respective companies. Each month, topics are dealt with that are preying on the minds of junior managers and trainees and that represent urgent issues for the "new blood". The fundamentals of leadership, role perceptions, intercultural work and crisis management, but also global meta-themes like demographic change are elaborated in the one-to-one tandems created, which are further complemented by accompanying workshops.

In the encounters with mentees from, in some cases, totally different industries, a fascinating exchange is able to develop, from which more than 100 mentees and mentors have already profited so far. In order to take part as an up-and-coming executive or management trainee, you need to have your first experience of leadership behind you, you must be curious, and you have to be ready and willing to acquaint yourself with new solutions and let yourself be challenged and stimulated by the experienced mentors.

Further information can be found at Informationen für Unternehmen > Cross-Mentoring


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