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"I'm saying nothing!" – Chances and Risks of the Disclosure Obligation and Corporate Communication

September 24, 2010

Special event for companies on October 27th in Wilhelmshaven.

The background to and effects of the publication of financial statements in the Electronic Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger) and the possibilities of having active influence on the evaluation of company data are the subjects of a joint event organised by the Economic Development Company (Wirtschaftsförderung) in Wilhelmshaven, the District of Frisia and Creditreform Oldenburg Bolte KG. It will be staged on 27.10.2010 starting at 5 pm in the Jade InnovationsZentrum, Emsstraße 20 in Wilhelmshaven. (German title of the event: "Mein Name ist Hase!" – Chancen und Risiken der Publizitätspflicht und Unternehmenskommunikation)

The introduction of the German law concerning an electronic commercial and associations register as well as a corporations register (EHUG), which came into effect at the beginning of 2007, obliges all capital companies to make their annual financial statements public in the Electronic Federal Gazette. However, many companies still have reservations about publishing their figures. What significance does this information about creditworthiness have for business partners, credit agencies or credit insurers? How are the data processed and evaluated – and how can companies themselves influence this evaluation? Michael Bolte, Managing Director of Creditreform Oldenburg, will be pointing out what the disclosure requirement means in dealings with third parties and how companies can exploit this transparency for their own purposes.

Participation in this event is free of charge. Those interested are requested to give notification of their attendance in advance. The deadine for registering attendance is 18.10.2010.


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