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Innovative information of Bremen: electronical transfer newsletter „City of Science“

May 9, 2007

In order to perform effective knowledge transfer between science and economy, the economy needs to know what science is able to achieve. Vice versa science relies on information about economical demands like necessary scientific support or cooperation, and additionally in which economic fields they are needed.

Bremen as a science location can show quite some capacity and diversity, for example good positioning within the last Initiative of Exellence, bearing the title „City of Science 2005“ as well as great standing in raising third-party funds over the last years.

To increase the regional economy‘s benefit from existing competencies the Senator for education and science and the Senator for economics and ports quarterly publish the electronical newsletter ‚ City of Science‘ ( The newsletter presents successful transfer projects between science and economy in Bremen as well as transfer relevant developments of the universities in Bremen.


Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Martin Heinlein, director of UniTransfer, University of Bremen
+49 (0) 421-218-3253