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Intensified activities to commercialise research results

March 26, 2007

innoWi Bremen cooperates with universities in the northwest region.

Inventions should not get dusty and stuck in universities, but need to be successfully placed at the market. The Universities of Oldenburg and Osnabrück as well as the Universities of Applied Science Oldenburg/ Ostfriesland/ Wilhemshaven and Osnabrück altogether aim for this goal in the Weser-Ems-Region. Upon completion of a statewide commercialisation approach for Lower Saxony the four universities decided to found a regional cooperation in the northwest region. The universities expect about 20 inventions this year that need to be reviewed and verified first and then will be available to interested companies.

Evaluation, property right verification and commercialisation will happen in cooperation with the innoWi Gmbh, Bremen. The Bremen innoWi is succesfully realising this task for all universities and further research institutions in Bremen since 2001.

“We are pleased about the decision of these four universities wanting to work with the innoWi GmbH“ tells Peer Biskup, registered manager of innoWi GmbH. „It is good approval for our achieved work and our evaluation of more than 300 inventions out of universities and more than 20 effective commercialised patens.“

About innoWi GmbH

The innoWi GmbH is a joint venture of the BIG Bremen and the four universities of Bremen. It is one of 21 national patent and valorisation agencies that establish a professional patent and valorisation infrastructure with federal financial support since 2001.

On behalf of all universities and research institutions of Bremen and Lower Saxony InnoWi is supervising about 2.600 scientists with their evaluation and protection of property rights of innovations out of universities as well as their company-oriented commercialisation. Considerable companies of the field of biotechnology, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, optics, logistics, trade and information technologies.

In order to strengthen regional economy innoWi GmbH is also systematically marketing these technologies to enterprises located in Bremen and the northwest region.


Peer Biskup, innoWi GmbH
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