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Internships sought for international scholarship holders

January 5, 2009

Job shadowing opportunities wanted for government scholarship holders learning about "Regional Economic Development"
Under commission from the German federal government, InWEnt - Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung gGmbH (InWEnt - Capacity Building International) is conducting an advanced training programme for international specialists and executives on the theme of "Regional Economic Development".

15 technical specialists from Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam are currently taking part in a German-language International Leadership Training. The core element in their period of training in Germany, which will last one year altogether, is a three-month internship from May through July 2009 in a German company or an institution. The participants are highly motivated to invest great effort and enthusiasm in their workplace learning and work experience position. During the practical placement, they will be receiving a government grant and will be insured. They will continue to be looked after by InWEnt during the course of the internship.


Chantal Arslanbek, InWEnt - Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung gGmbH
+49 (0)711-22754-31