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Invest in Niedersachsen: Digital marketing for a strong business location

February 17, 2017

New Internet platform launched

The Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs is now online with a new digital platform for location marketing. At the federal state of Niedersachsen is presenting itself as an ideal place to be for start-up entrepreneurs, for specialists and skilled professionals, and in particular for companies from within and outside Germany. All content is provided in both English and German. This also applies to the Twitter channels that have been launched at the same time. For Chinese visitors to the platform, a corresponding landing page has been created that provides an initial overview and offers further contact opportunities.

Companies can obtain free and personal advice on a new investment, search for relevant subsidy and financial support programmes in the Funding Finder facilities, find places to receive start-up counselling, and inform themselves about focus sectors, networks and the Talent Forge Niedersachsen with its research highlights. Offers are available to foreign specialists to help them start up in Niedersachsen.
The completely overhauled Internet site also gives interesting insights into the business location: in addition to offers already familiar from the previous website, a Niedersachsen Business Map is now also provided together with a search function that shows examples of companies, research facilities, and available sites and properties (with data from the Location Information System KomSIS, Niedersachsen's business location portal).

Here are the links to the new channels:


Ralf Pospich, Niedersächsisches Wirtschaftsministerium (Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs)
+49 (0)511 / 120-5583