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Metropole Nordwest extends Internet presentation

February 9, 2011

New at "": presentation of companies and available business site offers from RegIS-Online

MetropoleThe Internet presence of the Metropolitan Region Bremen-Oldenburg in North-West Germany is offering its visitors new, high-calibre business information and, in so doing, is counting on the benefits from its collaboration with RegIS-Online. On the website, detailed profiles of regional companies and offers of vacant business sites and available commercial properties are now being presented straight from RegIS-Online. As a result, visitors to the Metropole Nordwest website can look for business contacts, potential cooperation partners and interesting companies throughout the region – particularly in the sunrise industries and other growing, future-oriented sectors represented there. In addition, investors and those seeking a location for their business can now gain a clear overview of the sites and properties available in the region and see what the individual locations have to offer.

The cooperation of Metropole Nordwest with RegIS-Online has significant advantages for those on the marketing side: those advertising the business location offers only need to keep their entries up-to-date at one single point – namely in RegIS-Online – and are then automatically presented on the Metropole Nordwest website as well with the same content. The duplication of work and the existence of out-of-date information spread across different Internet presentations are therefore a thing of the past. Instead, thanks to the facilities they offer, the new services are able to provide highly effective support for the initiation of business contacts and for the efficient marketing of the region's potential as a location to do business.

The new services can be found here:


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