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New financial programme for enterprises in the municipality of Wesermarsch

January 15, 2008

The municipality of Wesermarsch and its regional development agency break new ground in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

The district assembly of Wesermarsch decided positively on the financial programme to support small and medium-sized enterprises. The programme has been worked out together by the municipality and the regional development agency of Wesermarsch. During the EU funding period 2007-2013 the State of Lower Saxony is granting financial aid from the ERDF to all municipalities and free cities. Within the so-called „Regional Budget“ each city and each municipality obtains 2,5 mio. € and needs to cofinance the same amount. Further European priorities like „Innovation“ and „ Economicly oriented infrastructure“ will be supported throught the „Regional Budget“, too.

Small and medium-sized enterprises located in the Wesermarsch are alloud to apply for the new financial programme. Objects supported may be investive projects of at least 15.000,- € or non-investive projects with a minimum budget of 5.000,- €. In order to succesfully qualify for the programme the complete budget needs to be guaranteed. Application for a project has to be handed in before starting. The guidelines and all additional documents can be found under: or


Marion Martens, Regional Development Agency Wesermarsch
+49 (0)4401/ 996906