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Resource efficiency through innovation

July 1, 2008

Ideas competition for environmental projects has been started – Call for applications will end September 30th, 2008.

Prices for raw materials and energy are constantly rising because of their limitation. Therefore the efficient use of resources is becoming an important competitive factor for enterprises.

The German agency for material efficiency (demea) assumes that saving material expenditures will become more and more worthwile for companies. They expect to reduce costs for materials and resources by average 20 percent. Especially companies in a region or branch that syndicate and cooperate for concepts of new products and processes will be able to reduce their costs drastically.

In order to encourage companies in Bremen and Bremerhaven using their resources effectively the „ Senator for Environment, construction, transport and Europe“  has launched an idea competition together with the business development agencies BIG Bremen and BIS Bremerhaven.

Theme of the idea competition is „Resource efficiency through innovation“. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises should be encouraged to develop new innovations that are contributing to a resource and material efficient exposure to our environment.

Projects, or joint projects with scientific institutions, might get financially supported through the application-oriented environmental technologies programme (PFAU) as well as through the application-oriented environmental research programme (AUF) with up to 150.000 euros. Therewith the high technical and economic risk can be reduced for investing companies.

Application forms are online available under Furthermore the „Senator for Environment, construction, transport and Europe“, the business development agencies BIG Bremen and BIS Bremerhaven inform and advice all interested companies about a participation.

Applications need to be handed in with the BIG Bremen until September 30th, 2008.


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