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Success of RegIS-Online as business portal confirmed

November 20, 2009

A City of Bremerhaven survey shows that every fifth RegIS-Online company obtains new contacts and cooperation partners through RegIS-Online.

In the form of the working tool RegIS-Online, an outstanding instrument has been built up in recent years by 26 district and municipal authorities in the northwest of Germany together with the company regio gmbh in Oldenburg. The Internet portal, whose contents have been steadily expanded over the years, provides direct and immediate assistance to companies, especially in today's difficult economic climate. The website represents the most comprehensive business portal for the region and presents, among other information, more than 750 examples of industrial and commercial real estate available in the various local authority areas and over 7,000 detailed company profiles.

A just-published survey of companies conducted by the pool partner City of Bremerhaven in May/June of this year shows that the corporate community is greatly satisfied with this offer jointly provided by the business development institutions.

A few of the key findings:
69 % of the companies are satisfied or very satisfied with the business portal.
21 % of the companies have directly obtained new contacts and cooperation partners through RegIS-Online.
78 % of the companies are in favour of the continuation of this offer provided by the business promotion departments and economic development agencies.

This underlines the high degree of acceptance enjoyed by the region's central business portal among the companies and businesses and gives a good impression of the effectiveness of the Internet presentation.

With approx. 8,000 to 10,000 visitors each month, is one of the most-frequented municipally financed regional business portals throughout Europe. An analysis of the user addresses suggests that a high volume of the visits are being made for business reasons. The proportion of visitors from outside Germany has also increased thanks to the expansion of the English-language information provided on the site.


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