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The whole truth about that magic word innovation

August 16, 2010

EvTeaserent staged by companies for companies on September 22nd

With its series of events under the title "Successfully on the Market", the economic development company Wirtschaftsförderung Wesermarsch GmbH is offering resident firms from the industrial, service and craft/skilled trade sectors a forum to exchange experiences, pass on knowledge and build up know-how, and enhance their operational competitiveness. Recognised experts and practitioners both from outside the immediate region and from locally resident businesses will be giving stimulation, suggestions and tips in the form of talks and lectures. During the events, there will also be more than enough time for specialised discussions and an exchange of views and ideas in a cooperative and congenial atmosphere.

The following event is taking place at 7 p.m. on September 22nd, 2010:
The whole truth about that magic word innovation or: how do good ideas actually find their way to the customers?
Speaker: Detlef Rahe from the Institute of Integrated Design, Bremen
Host / venue: Reiner Berends Maschinenbau Dreh- und Frästechnik GmbH, Hansering 20, 27809 Lemwerder

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Kay L. Pakula, Wirtschaftsförderung Wesermarsch GmbH
+49 (0)4401 / 99 69 00