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February 17, 2014

The Business Partner Platform for the Northwest is being re-launched in a modern design and with new map-based search facilities.

As valuable as ever and with new and improved features, the only Internet portal for companies, business development and location marketing in the region between the rivers Ems, Weser and Elbe that is without advertising and yet free of charge is restarting in a new outfit. Set in motion by the economic development agencies of 24 administrative districts and autonomous cities in the federal states of Niedersachsen and Bremen, REGISonline aims to become "The Business Partner Platform for the Northwest". Following a comprehensive relaunch, the Internet portal is presenting itself in a new set-up, complete with modern map-based search services, and thus intends to motivate further companies in the region to register their details free of charge. Already today, more than 7,000 business enterprises are presenting themselves on the site – a vast potential for initiating successful cooperations and securing new orders.

The reworked portal has an impressively clear structure, enables visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, and can also be effectively used on mobile devices. Practically all the menu points allow map-based access to the information available. Particularly attractive are the interactive maps in the sections "Companies" and "Business Locations".

They offer totally new opportunities, for example to highlight potential business partners within an industry or to show regional maps displaying the distribution of industrial and commercial sites. Zooming in and out and panning the map, i.e. moving the map segment on view, works in just the same way as is familiar from modern map applications like Google Maps. And via the selection options above the map, you can filter precisely those offers that meet your own personal criteria. To make sure that the map always stays clear and easy to read, the so-called clustering of information profiles is implemented. If several profiles are situated too close together at the scale currently being displayed, a special symbol is shown that contains the number of profiles within the cluster. Zooming into the map then breaks up the cluster into further elements until only individual profiles are separately displayed. In addition to the map view, the ability to switch to a list view is also provided, from which the newly structured individual profiles can also be called up.


All the new REGIS services are made available by the local authorities free of charge as before. That also applies for providers of vacant industrial and commercial properties in the Northwest, who can place advertisements free of charge and can also make use of an OpenImmo interface for the purpose.
As has already been pointed out, with the new Internet presentation and the new marketing orientation, new companies in the region, in particular, are being invited to enter their details via the registration page into the joint "Business Partner Platform". This will make even more business collaborations possible and enable the business development agencies to promote the merits of the region hand in hand with the companies all the more effectively.

The participating economic development companies and business promotion institutions would be pleased to receive any feedback about the new Internet portal in the form of suggestions, praise or criticism.



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