The Business Partner Platform

Your free company profile

When month after month over 10,000 visitors and decision-makers explore substantial sections of this economic region online, you should be a visible part of this! Make sure your company profile is entered free of charge on the Business Partner Platform.

In around 15 minutes you can create an informative entry with a significant multiplier effect because REGISonline is not just an isolated platform. Automatically, you are then present and visible on numerous regional websites as well as in the specific presentation of your Administrative District or your City. Find out more about the partner websites.


Four steps to your free admission:

Step 1: Register yourself as user for the REGISonline Company Database.
Step 2: Use the access data you have received by e-mail to log in at
Step 3: Create a new company profile for your enterprise ("Add company" in the menu "Company – Profile management"). By the way: you can also create and manage several profiles, for example for your different branches or subsidiaries!
Step 4: The new company profile is published in the Internet after being checked by the relevant economic development institution/business promotion agency.


You can change or update your profile online at any time by using your log-in access data. We will remind you maximally two times a year that you might wish to make any appropriate changes to your profile.


The criteria for admission

The Business Partner Platform is an established and high-quality "B2B database" for which the economic development institutions involved have defined certain admission criteria: the principal office (registered headquarters) of the company must be located in one of the associated administrative districts or cities within the REGIS region and at least one of the following criteria should be met. The company should...

  • conduct sales beyond the region,
  • have developed its own product,
  • have special equipment or facilities, possess specialist know-how,
  • have above-average qualifications, or
  • be attractive as a supplier/subcontractor for other companies.

If you have any questions about REGISonline or need assistance in any way, we would be happy to help you further:

+49 (0)441 - 798 2996