The Business Partner Platform
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Business development agency of the district of Oldenburg (WLO Wirtschafts­förderungs­gesellschaft für den Landkreis Oldenburg mbH)

Delmenhorster Straße 6
27793 Wildeshausen
Postbox 1464
27781 Wildeshausen
+49 (0)4431 85-438
+49 (0)4431 85-373

Counselling services for:

  • Business start-ups
  • Special programme „The aged advice the young“
  • Location search and industrial real estate
  • Promotion and realisation of innovation projects
  • Oldenburg District funding programmes

    • Investment grant programme (InZupro)
    • Innovation funding programme (Innova)

      Funding opportunities for

      • Consulting
      • Industrial and commercial property rights
      • Database research
    • Market development (MEP programme)

      Funding opportunities for

      • Trade fair participation
      • Marketing concepts
      • Market surveys
      • Forging partnerships
      • Hiring of international relations officers
      • Creation of foreign-language promotional material
      • Language courses
      • Environmental Management Systems
      • Internet presentations (creation and revision)
  • Availment of public grants

Information about:

  • Company-related information
  • Business newsletter to enterprises in the district of Oldenburg “WLO-Wirtschaftsbrief”
  • Business start-up consulting days
  • Arrangement of industrial sites for investors in collaboration with all communities
  • PRO.MI “Mitarbeiter finden – Mitarbeiter binden”
  • Communal business portal Lower Saxony (KomSIS)


  • Coordination of counselling for business start-ups in the district of Oldenburg
  • Making contact with public authorities, chambers, unions, organisations or institutions
  • Guiding through public authorities ("guidepost“ through th public authority jungle)
  • Cooperation with innovation consulting
  • Cooperation partners in research, science and industry
  • The Business Partner Platform REGISonline
  • Constant contact with all companies
  • Connection with network partners
  • Growth Region Hansa Line
  • Northwest Regional Alliance of Skilled Specialists

Continuing Education:

  • Seminars for companies of the district of Oldenburg
Mr. Hans-Werner Aschoff
+49 (0)4431 85-353
Managing director, strategic planing, portfolio management, acquisition, network management, regional unions
Ms. Christine Gronemeyer
+49 (0)4431 85-354
Financial aid programmes, industrial sites and real estate, portfolio management, counselling business start-ups, innovation consulting
Ms. Margret Teichwart
+49 (0)4431 85-293
Assistant director, The Business Partner Platform REGISonline, WLO Annual Report, WLO accounting and correspondence, WLO-Internet presentation, project management: “Growth Region Hansa Line, industry focus 'Environmentally Compatible Technologies'” (, PRO.MI “Mitarbeiter finden – Mitarbeiter binden”, Northwest Regional Alliance of Skilled Specialists
Ms. Petra Mittelstädt
+49 (0)4431 85-458
Marketing, counselling and application acceptance "Markterschließungsprogram", Funding advice, communal business portal Lower Saxony (KomSIS), Organisation of workshops and events, WLO- business information letter, public relationsage-news