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Business development agency of the district of Osnabrück (WIGOS - Wirtschafts­förderungs­gesellschaft Osnabrücker Land mbH)

Am Schölerberg 1
49082 Osnabrück
+49 (0)541 501-2468

Dear entrepreneurs!

We welcome you to the business development agency of the district of Osnabrück and to the business location Osnabrück. With our services you will get to know the competetive advantages of the business area Osnabrück.

The great transportation connections to all big business locations and the attractive portfolio of industrial sites that we can offer are the basis for economical success. However, our know-how, our excellent connection and our cooperation management will asure you quite some competitive advantages. Especially our connections with research and development institutions will pay off for you.

We see ourself as a business-service-center and are available to existing and planned enterprises. We can support you in terms of application processes for financial aid programmes or public application processes, will help with business start-ups as well as with your search for industrial real estate. We will work energetically, creatively and un-bureaucratically.

So, what can we do for you?!

Mr. Siegfried Averhage
+49 (0)541 501-4914
Mr. Robert Kampmann
+49 (0)541 501-4702
Financial aid programmes, company development, company succeeding, IT-companies, company data base RegIS