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City of Oldenburg, department of business development

Industriestraße 1
26121 Oldenburg
26105 Oldenburg
+49 (0)441 235-2350
+49 (0)441 235-3130

We are always pleased about companies from outside which esteem Oldenburg because of its high qualities and therefore want to settle their business here.
Our services to investors:

  • Information about business and industry in our region, and about financial aid programmes
  • Support in terms of business and conceptional matters
  • Offer of attractive industrial sites
  • Support of your search for or sale of real estate 
  • Connections with banks, public authorities, chambers, unions and networks
  • Support of your search for qualified employees

We are committed to Oldenburg and our industry!
Our services for companies located in Oldenburg:

  • Sale of industrial sites and assistance for implementation of investment projects
  • Information about financial aid programmes
  • Assisting with public authority management
  • Connecting with cooperation partners, business angels, networks
  • Counselling of business start-ups

We would like to keep contact with you and to support you with your business! 

For instance with special real estate offers:

  • Oldenburg Technology and Start-up Centre (TGO)
  • Oldenburg Technology Park (TPO)
  • Oldenburg MediTech (MTO)
  • City-owned properties in excellent locations
  • Industrial properties in the city (centrality 141.3)
  • Further offerings in collaboration with the Real Estate Union of Oldenburg

Focus of branches/cluster:

  • Energy
  • IT, telecommunications
  • Health
  • Innovative technologies
  • Automotive
  • Creative industries
  • Commerce banking and services
  • Construction and real estate
Mr. Ralph Wilken
+49 (0)441 235-2220
Director, strategic and operative development of the business location Oldenburg
Mr. Dipl. Volkswirt Roland Hentschel
+49 (0)441 235-3200
Clusters, regional affairs, cooperation with universities
Mr. Heiner Vahlenkamp
+49 (0)441 235-2259
Business service
Mr. Jörg Triebe
+49 (0)441 235-2625
Commercial property, business service
Mr. Dipl.-Soz.Wiss. Klaus Zelder
+49 (0)441 235-3098
REGISonline, EU-affairs, innovations