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District of Aurich - business development

Fischteichweg 7-13
26603 Aurich
Postbox 1480
26584 Aurich
+49 (0) 4941 16-8000
+49 (0) 4941 16-8099

The business development team of the district of Aurich (a department of the bureau of business development) supports entrepreneurs with their  projects, business start-ups and security as well as

Industry – Service – Craft – Tourism – Agriculture

Even though there are many different businesses in the district of Aurich one thing do all have in common: good deals are made in the middle of East Frisia.

We – the business development team of the district of Aurich – advise our companies up to their success. Our team of ten takes all time that is necessary for qualified counselling, targeted and non-bureaucratic help. Furthermore our experts are available to you in terms of financial aid programmes or renewable energies. We do encourage your plans and ideas!

Our business team is a reliable partner by your side.
We are looking forward to make contact with you!

Mr. Ingo de Vries
+49 (0)4941 16-8000
Director of business development
Mr. Thomas Buß
+49 (0)4941 16-8001
Financial aid programmes, transfer of technology, settling
Mr. Holger Orlik
+49 (0)4941 16-8060
Counselling business start-ups
Mr. Jann-Peter Ubben
+49 (0)4941-16-8030
Financial aid programmes, counselling business start-ups
Mr. Ludwig Beninga
+49 (0)4941-16-8040
Financial aid programmes, especially LEADER programme