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District of Emsland, department of business development

Ordeniederung 2
49716 Meppen
Postbox 1562
49705 Meppen
+49 (0)5931 44-4014
+49 (0)5931 44-3645

The department of business of the district of Emsland is responsible for all business matters.

We can provide information about financial aid programmes, insertion of new technologies, (re-)settling or new locationsor the whole Emsland business area. Furthermore we help with finding or selling industrial sites, arrange connections with national and international companies. Besides we inform about the development of the European domestic market.


Ms. Martina Kruse
+49 (0)5931 44-4014
Director of the department of business
Ms. Nicole Bröker
+49 (0)5931 44-4015
Director of the department business development
Mr. Josef Verkerk
+49 (0)5931 44-4013
Settling of industry
Mr. Bernd Otten
+49 (0)5931 44-4016
Support of small and medium size enterprises
Ms. Abicha Ouhbout
+49 (0)5931 44-5013
Team assistent, RegIS database