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District of Vechta – business development

Ravensberger Str. 20
49377 Vechta
Postbox 1353
49375 Vechta
+49 (0)4441 898-2601
+49 (0)4441 898-1037

From business start-up consulting to advice about funding opportunities and speeding up approval procedures to technology transfer – the Office of Economic Development is there to help you. We support you in implementing your business goals in the District of Vechta. For example, small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, often lack the resources to attract and secure the skilled personnel they need with flexible and customised strategies. This is where the government professionals from the District of Vechta come in with numerous small- and large-scale initiatives to help meet your demand for qualified specialists with career guidance schemes for young people, further training and qualification programmes for employees, and targeted funding measures.
The district government funds start-up entrepreneurs and company succession with a total of EUR 400,000 per year through its own investment grant programme and gives you extensive advice for your plans and projects in collaboration with the chambers of industry and commerce.
The Transfer Centre Oldenburger Münsterland (TZOM) provides consultation on knowledge and technology transfer on behalf of the District of Vechta. This is offered in close cooperation with the Steinbeis Foundation, a nationally recognised expert network for technology issues and innovation processes. Consultations focus on the potential for improvement in your company: market and sales strategies, process and procedure optimisation, product design, etc.

The Office of Economic Development for the District of Vechta acts as a partner and service provider for companies, local authorities, institutions and associations. You'll find all the details here: Feel free to contact us.

Mr. Dirk Gehrmann
+49 (0)4441 898-2600
Head of department
Mr. Norbert Müller
+49 (0)4441 898-2601
Business start-up and funding advice
Mr. Hermann Blanke
+49 (0)4441 921-827
Technology Transfer
Ms. Johanna Hollah
+49 (0)4441 898-2610
Human resources development
Ms. Larischa Espelage
+49 (0)4441 898-2602
Broadband expansion
Mr. Markus Fischer
+49 (0)4441 898-2604
Tourism and business networks
Ms. Renate Hitz
+49 (0)4441 898-2620
Coordination Centre for Women and Business, Alliance of Family-Friendly Companies in Oldenburger Münsterland e.V.
Mr. Antonius Haverkamp
+49 (0)4441 898-2650
LEADER-Region Vechta
Mr. Georg Gründing
+49 (0)4441 898-2475
Land-use planning/district development