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Competence Centre for Energy


The competence centre supports research, teaching and practice in the wider field of "energy". The aim is to develop and promote innovative technological solutions and the corresponding infrastructure. The skills and competencies of actors from science, industry, public institutions and organisations are bundled together to strengthen entrepreneurial innovation and competitiveness. The competence centre is a specific collaboration between "Science to Business GmbH - Hochschule Osnabrück" and "Stadtwerke Osnabrück AG".

Electromobility in the Northwest


The regional project coordination centre for the "Electromobility Bremen/Oldenburg" model region is the central contact point and competence centre for all issues relating to the field of electric mobility. Under the name Personal Mobility Center (PMC), an institution has been set up that bundles and networks all the activities and projects in the model region. Over 20 partners from the areas of research and development, business and industry, politics and industrial associations are working towards the goal of advancing and structurally integrating electromobility in the region.

Energy Network Northwest


The Energy Network Northwest - ENNW for short – comprises over 30 municipalities and administrative districts from the European Metropolitan Region of Bremen-Oldenburg and beyond. Information and experience is exchanged at regular meetings on local government energy themes.

Job portal "Energy Jobs Northwest"


The Energy Jobs Northwest portal focuses with its offers solely on the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency. Most of the offers are from employers in the Northwest region. The job portal cooperates with the job fair "Future Energies Northwest", which has established itself as a prominent platform where noted companies meet high-quality job seekers.

NIWO – Netzwerk für innovative Wirtschaftsentwicklung in Ostfriesland


Since 2006 the "NIWO – Netzwerk für innovative Wirtschaftsentwicklung in Ostfriesland” has been concerned comprehensively and interdisciplinary as a completely independent working group of several Frisian entrepreneurs and freelancers with the necessary infrastructural, economic and entrepreneurial developments throughout the Friesland economic area in Germany and the Netherlands.

The collaboration is characterized by an intensive exchange of information and knowledge. The aim of the NIWO is the development of synergies to strengthen the competitiveness of the individual partners and to increase the growth potential not only in East Friesland but also in the Dutch provinces of Groningen and Fryslân (Friesland).

Offshore Wind Port Bremerhaven


Bremerhaven is meeting the demands of manufacturers and suppliers of the offshore wind industry offering a distinguished and innovative site concept appropriate to requirements. The integral components which nowadays form a solid foundation for the wind power plant construction in Bremerhaven have been developed and implemented in collaboration with local companies.

Oldenburg Energy Cluster (OLEC)


Partners from all fields of the energy sector in the Northwest cooperate in the OLEC. Since its establishment in 2005, more and more activities in one of Germany's key energy regions are being coordinated within this cluster. It is the largest energy network in Niedersachsen with around 50 members.

Wind Energy Agency Bremerhaven/Bremen e.V. (WAB)


The Wind Energy Agency Bremerhaven/Bremen (WAB) brings you into contact with one of the most innovative wind power regions of Germany. WAB is the wind energy network of companies and institutes and working for them. It is also a liaising agency to the politically responsible bodies and local public authorities. We support our members by conducting industry studies and initiating research projects. Furthermore we assist our network partners by offering seminars, study trips, market analyses and trade fair representation.

Wind Energy Research Alliance (ForWind)


ForWind is the joint centre for wind energy research of the universities of Oldenburg and Hannover. As a scientific headquarters, ForWind bundles wind energy research activities from both universities covering a broad spectrum within the areas of physics and engineering. ForWind conducts fundamental research in wind energy, provides scientific cooperation for industry-oriented projects, and organises the training and further training of future specialists.